Quality Fixed Fee Legal Advice

At Esposito Lawyers, rather than provide client's with an unclear estimate and charging in six-minute increments at an hourly rate we can operate under a fixed fee payment model for some types of matters.  Which means just that.  Your legal fees for our professional services is fixed.

Fixed fees enable a client to know what their fees will be from the outset and budget for their legal expenses.

The costing model improves communication between client's and their lawyer as the price for such communication is a fixed fee.  As a result, our experience is that fixed fee services provide a more efficient, transparent and cost-effective service for our clients.

We will provide a fixed fee quote for our professional fees and an estimate of anticipated disbursements.  (Disbursements include items such as court filing fees, lodgement fees etc)  Our operating costs such as photocopying, telephone charges, faxes and e-mails are costs that are included in the quotation for thefixed legal fees fixed fee quote for professional fees.

With fixed fee pricing, you are not charged for every minute your lawyer spends on your file, rather the agreed fee for the work that is being done.  Fixed fee pricing represents more value for clients.

Generally, for legal matters (not including wills and power of attorney's) an initial consultation, which includes a letter of advice is charged at $350.00 (plus GST).

Where legal professional fees are expected to be above $1,500.00 PLUS GST, a disclosure statement and Cost Agreement will be supplied and required to be entered into in order to engage our services.

Unfortunately, some types of matters, such as litigation are difficult to estimate the amount of work required.  We offer to fix some of the costs.  However, some are simply too hard for us to fix the costs of.


When we are unable to fix our legal services, we provide services under the traditional method of time recording in six-minute increments.  The hourly fees associated with work performed by a Lawyer is $385.00 per hour (inc GST) and for a legal assistant $99.00 hour (inc GST).  An estimate of professional fees is provided (but not fixed) as well as an estimate of disbursements when engaging our services under the traditional method.

Contact Esposito Lawyers to obtain a free quote for fixed fees costs for your legal issue.